Why the Images?

Why the client might not need or want “all the images”

Below is a screen shot of Adobe Bridge. This is a program we use to choose the best of the best – the images highlighted in ‘green’ are the best – NOTICE THE NEAR DUPLICATES OF EACH IMAGE. When shooting at 6-7 fps there’s not going to be much difference in the series of images. Please trust your photographer to choose the best of the lot – that’s what we do… ¬†Also, note the photo-stats on the left and right of the screenshot, this information tells a photographer a lot; such as, over exposure, under exposure, ISO, f-stop, distance… Immediately a photographer can tell from this information whether or not the photo is worthy of consideration.

Please trust your photographer to provide you with the “best of the lot” – it only benefits you.

The article at the below link sums it up for me as a photographer, and might answer the question for those who I’ve worked with, as well as those in the future that might ask for “all the images”.

A must read …

I want all the images!



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